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Gift Giving

Christmas Presents

We are right in the middle of the Christmas holiday season. The lights are up and sparkling. Traffic is heavy around the malls and shopping centers. The Christian radio station is playing Christmas songs and carols non-stop. The familiar holiday tv shows are on the tube. Robberies and burglaries are on the rise. Everyone is planning the best route to get to grandma’s house. In some parts of the country, snow is already on the ground.

All of this activity is centered around December 25th. Each year we get stressed out on selecting the ‘perfect gift’. I keep it simple and stress-free: I buy gifts for my wife and she takes care of the rest of the family.

We are bombarded with television ads, radio commercials, newspaper supplements displaying the latest jewelry, electronics, toys, vehicles, clothes, home improvement items, sports gear, the latest in cat wear and dog wear. This list just keeps growing.

I was taught at a young age to appreciate all gifts, whether I liked it or not. To recognized the giver more than the gift: it’s the thought that counts.

I went along with my┬áco-workers to participate in the ‘Adopt A Family’ program. We are assigned a family in need and purchase gift items for the family. This is also a our opportunity to help those who are less fortunate. We’ve go overboard and will shower the family with extra gifts, clothes, toys, and gift cards.

Everyone should have a great experience on Christmas Day.

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