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endless supply of food…


My topic of the day is an endless food supply.

I live here is America and for the most part, we are a blessed country. I can walk into any food store in any part of the United States and find an endless supply of food. Most food stores are large, well lighted, almost overloaded with every type of edible substance known to man.







When I initially reviewed this topic, the question was, ‘If I had an endless supply of food, what would it be?’. I did not want to think about that because of my health issues and the health issues of this country.

There are so many directions we can take this discussion. I just want to concentrate on positive thoughts.

As we approach the Christmas holiday, I reflect on how blessed and fortunate I am to have access to a large food supply. My circumstances allow me to purchase everything I ‘need’ and lost of things I ‘want’.

It also places me in a position to be a blessing to others. Part of my ‘random acts of kindness’ give me the opportunity to buy someone a meal, donate food items to the local food bank, or donate funds to local shelters.

My ultimate goal is to be part of the $1000 a week club. This is a goal or vision I have that when my multiple streams of income allows, we will each put $1K into a hat and find a person or family to bless.

What do you think. Please share your thoughts.



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